Kalpitiya Dolphin
Watching Tour

In recent few years, Kalpitiya has emerged as one of the primary destinations in Sri Lanka for fun-based water activities. When considering water adventures in Kalpitiya, it is safe to say that your journey to Kalpitiya wouldn’t be complete if you skipped the Kalpitiya dolphin or whale wachting tour. Our whale and dolphin watching tours are the most appropriate option to view dolphins under natural conditions in the Indo-Pacific ocean. When a whale and dolphin watching tour is conducted professionally, it can bring a smile to everyone’s face. Our Kalpitiya dolphin or whale wachting tour let you go through the best of Sri Lanka underwater wildlife. Hop on a properly maintained boat that gets to and from the whales in the least amount of time achievable. Get pleasure from stunning views and photo opportunities while traveling along Kalpitiya coastline. Your family-friendly boat trip features a guarantee that you will spot a whale or dolphin (depending on package) during your adventure. Complimentary snacks, bottled water, life jackets and the English-speaking tour are provided during all of our trips. Throughout your tours, your expert guide explains to your educational information about whales, dolphins, along with other marine animals that do exist in the region.

Please note:

November to December and March to April is the ideal time to see whales. Sperm Whales are the most commonly encountered during this season. The Blue Whale (biggest mammal on the planet), Minke, Melon-Headed and Dwarf Sperm whales are also spotted. Not too long ago, Orcas had been seen on the waters just outside Kandakuliya!

The Superpods (thousands) of dolphins make their way to Kalpitiya between November and March. Spinner dolphins are the most frequent dolphins that approach the boat for play. Bottlenose, risso, indo-pacific, in addition to humpback dolphins are also seen consistently.

Also, note, non-Sri Lankan residence is required to buy the “Wild Life Ticket” which costs $9 including VAT charges.

Small Boat Dolphin Package

Are you a small group or a couple who wish to see dolphins in their natural ecosystem in the Indo-Pacific sea? If so, this trip is an ideal package for you. To join the trip, get out of bed early in the morning and be ready to discover these gentle giants leap out of the Indian Ocean’s waters. Apart from viewing dolphins, during this small boat trip you will get pleasure from the serene beauty of the sea when the guides let down the engines of the boat.


Small Boat – (up to 6 persons)

Starting from LKR 9500

Big Boat Dolphin Package

Are you travelling with a group of your friends? Planning to take your workers or students on a trip? The Kalpahtiya dolphin watching tour is the most suitable choice. Prepare yourself to spot these gentle giants in their natural habitat while being assisted by an expert guide! Enjoy sunlight and salt air along with refreshments with our friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable staff who are experts in Kalpitiya marine wildlife.


Small Boat – (up to 12 persons)

Starting from LKR 15000

Small Boat Whale Package


Small Boat – (up to 6 persons)

Starting from LKR 7500

Big Boat Whale Package


BIG Boat – (up to 12 persons)

Starting from LKR 15,500

Following the recent advancement of Whale & Dolphin Watching Tours in Trincomale, Kalpitiya is speedily proving itself to be one more internationally-known whale-watching destination in Sri Lanka. The following combines Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours that we offer. Take the most of Kalpitiya marina life by booking any of the following tours as per your taste.

Small Boat Combo Dolphin & Whales Package


Small Boat – (up to 6 persons)

Starting from LKR 14,500

Big Boat Combo Dolphin & Whales Package


Big Boat – (up to 6 persons)

Starting from LKR 21,000